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Op.1 Sweet Dreams, carol (unis., organ) 1990

Op.3 Mary’s Cradle Song (SATB, organ) 1992

Op.4 Jubilate (SATB, organ) 1993

Op.5 Evening Hymn (SATB, organ) 1993

Op.6 Benedicite (SATB, organ) 1993

Op.7 Kelly Communion (SATB, Cong. Organ) 1993

Op.8 Defend O Lord (SATB, organ) 1994

Op.10 A Garland for Drake (SATB piano) 1996

Op.11 Night Piece (SATB, Orch.) 1997

Op.12 The Faery Feast (SATB, A,Bar, orch) 1998

Op.19 A Garland for Drake (revised & orch.)

Op.23.Drake’s Drum (SATB, M.Sop.,Orch.) 2001

Op.24 The Mistletoe Bough (SATB, STB, Strings, organ) 2001

Op.26 Canonic Epitaph (SATB) 2001

Op.33 12 Anglican Chants

Op.37 Nisi Dominus (SATB, org) 2002

Op. 47 The Tavistock Witch 2003

Op.51 The Shepherd Boy’s Song (SATB org.) 2004

Op.53 St. Teresa’s Bookmark (SATB) 2004

Op.54 A Jewish Doxology (SATB) 2004

Op. 63 The Land Where the Bong Tree Grows (SATB,S.Bar., Ob., Piano) 2004

Op.65 Singing Game (SATB,St.Qt.) 2004

Op.67 Three Bawdy Songs (SATB) 2004

Op.69 Song of the Nuns of Chester (3 Sops, org) 2004

Op.70 Nox Nocti (3 Sops, org) 2004

Op.78 Hymn to the Virgin (SATB,org) 2005

Op.81 Jubilate Deo (SATB) 2005

Op.85 The Pied Piper (Children, soloists, instr.)

Op.89 Salt & Pepper (Children’s Choir) 2005

Op.94 Three Canons 2006

Op.97 Rood Screen Carol (SATB org) 2006

Op.100 Sing to the Lord (SATB org) 2006

Op.101 Harvest Song (SATB org) 2006

Op.103 Song of Praise (S,S,org) 2006

Op.106 Grendel's End (Chorus, soloists, inst.) 2006

Op.107 Chistmas Carol (Unison, piano) 2006

Op.112 Missa Brevis (SATB) 2007

Op.114 Sir Richard's Cap: A Tale of the Tamar 2007

Op.124 Crucifixus 2008

Op.127 Fitzford House (Chorus, soloists) 2008

Op.128 The Blackingstone Ravens (Children, piano) 2008

Op.129 The Celestial Sphere (SSAATTBB) 2008

Op.134 St. Cecilia (SATB, String Quartet, organ) 2009

Op.137 There is but one God (SATB) 2010

Op.140 Doxology (SATB) 2010

Op.141 Belinda's Magic Clock 2010

Op.142 Creator Alme Siderum (SSATTB) 2010

Op.145 Sanctus (SATB + optional cong.) 2010

Op.150 Annunciation Mass (Chorus, baritone soloist, 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 bn., 2 hn., org.) 2011

Op.151 Tiralee Tiralo! (S.A.T.B. unacc.) 2011

Op.152 Class Six In Space (Unison chorus, baritone soloist, Clt. Tp. D.B. & piano) 2011

Op.157 Daedalus and Icarus (SATB Chorus, Inst ensemble, Treble, Soprano, Tenor & Bass soloists) 2012

Op.163 Through the Stable Door (Unison Chorus, organ or piano) 2013

Op.164 Nutmeg Carol (SATB) 2013

Op.165 The Golden Windows (SATB, soloists, piano and orchestra) 2013

Op.175 Thankful Remembrance (SATB, organ) 2014

Op.181 O Lord God 2015

Op 182 The Pilgrim Fathers 2015

Op 183 A brighter dawn (SATB org) 2015

Op 185 Psalm 150 (choral round) 2015

Op 189 Gloria Patris (choral round) 2015

Op 192 The Fishery of Souls (SATB org) 2015

Op 195 Bring Unto the Lord (SATB org)2015 



Op.17 Divertimento (fl.,cl., piano) 1999

Op.20 Piano Trio in E 2000

Op.21Christmas at Hazeldon(2 clarinets, piano)

Op.27 Wind Quintet in C 2001

Op.29 Deleande (fl,cl, vn) 2001

Op.32 Brass Castings (2 euphs, 2 tubas) 2002

Op.39 Summer Serenade (fl,clt,piano) 2002

Op.42 Amoretti (3 flutes) 2003

Op.45 Courtly Quartet (fl,clt,vn,hp) 2003

Op.46 Phoenix Trio (fl, ob, clt) 2003

Op.49  String Quartet 2003

Op.50 Octet (2ob.,2 clt.,2bn.,2hn.,) 2003

Op.62 Woodland Suite (fl.clt.ob.) 2004

Op.71 Wind Quintet (fl,ob,cl,hn,bn.) 2004 

Op.72 Piano Trio No.2 2004

Op.77 Romance forFlute & Harp 2005

Op.96 Pebblebeach (fl, ob, piano)2006

Op.105 The Piper's Calendar (recorder consorts) 2006

Op.115 Suite of Sweets (ob., cl.,bn.) 2007

Op.117 Autumn (cl.,vn,pf) 2007

Op.135 Piano Quintet  2009

Op.136 Six Suffolk Dances (vn, va, vc) 2010

Op.147 The City Under the Sea (4 trumpets) 2011

Op.155 The Cider Press Trio (fl, ob, piano) 2012

Op.168 The Green Children (ob, cl, bn, + narrator) 2013

Op.171 Flights of Fancy (saxophone quartet) 2014

Op.174 The Owl and the Pussy Cat (fl, bass tbne, piano)

Op.177 Tropical Fruits (recorder quartet) 2014

Op. 184 The Creatures of Circe (recorder duet) 2015

Op. 188 The Mintage of Man (ob., cl., bn.) 2015

Op. 190 Fanfare (3 trumpets) 2015


Op.14 Sinfonietta No.1 1999

Op.22 Sinfonietta No. 2 2000

Op.35 Three Bridges Concerto (Strings)

Op.86 Portfolio (String orchestra) 2005

Op.88 Clarinet Concerto 2005

Op.119 Breton Concerto (string orch.+ stg qt)2008

Op.123 Concerto for Organ & Strings 2008

Op.125 Concerto for Viola & Strings 2008

Op.146 Parkwood Suite (chamber orchestra) 2012

Op. 153 Tros an Tres: A Cornish Overture (Strings) 2011

Op.156 Concerto for Double Bass & Strings 2012

Op.169 Omfra's Laugh A Cornish Tale in four movements for string orchestra 2014

Op.173 Tavy Suite Four landscapes for string orchestra 2014

Op.176 Cornish Wassail string orchestra 2014


Op.2 Sophie’s Lullaby & Toccata (organ) 1991

Op.9 Suite No.1 (organ)

Op.25 Suite No.2 (organ)

Op.34 Improvisation on Dominus regit me (organ) 2002

Op.36 Improvisation on Sine Nomine (org) 2002

Op. 55 Suite No.3“Cornish Saints” (org.) 2004

Op.60 Triforium (Org) 2004

Op.66 Two LittlePreludes (organ) 2004

Op.79  Suite No.4  (org.)2005

Op.91 Three Pieces (organ) 2005

Op.98 Four Easy Pieces (org.) 2006

Op.118 Prelude & March 2007

Op.126 Three Organ Preludes 2008

Op.133 Partita 2009

Op.144 Georgiana 2010

Op.160 March 2013

Op.166 Meadowlands Revisited 2013

Op.178 All Saints' Day 2014

Op.179 Prelude 2014

Op. 186 Sword & Tabard 2015

Op. 194 Prelude on St. James


Op.28 Piano Sonata No.1 2001

Op.38 Four Short Pieces (piano) 2002

Op.41 Prelude & Fugue (piano) 2002

Op.43 Sonata (piano 4 hands) 2003

Op.48 The Green Man 2003

Op.59 Canzonet (Piano) 2004

Op.61 Three Piano Pieces 2004

Op.64 Galliard (piano) 2004

Op.74 Piano Sonata No.2 “Masks” 2005

Op.80 Three Miniatures (Piano) 2005

Op.82 Two Piano Pieces 2005

Op.87 Fragments for Piano 2005

Op.90 A Newel Post (Piano) 2005

Op.92 Piano Sonata No. 3 2005

Op.99 Piano Sonata No.4 2006

Op.109 Serenade 2007

Op.116 Three Sea Studies 2007

Op.122 Piano Piece 2008

Op.143 Sonatina (Left-Hand) 2010

Op.154 Suite (Left-hand) 2011

Op.167 Waltz for Raymond the Cockerel 2014

Op.170 Twilight at Cotehele (after a painting by Ian Pethers)


Op.13 Clarinet Sonata No.1 1999

Op.16 Oboe Sonata 1999

Op.18 Courtney’s Almain (cello, piano) 2000

Op. 30 Violin Sonata 2002

Op.40 Clarinet Sonata No.2 2002

Op.44Romance (clt. Piano) 2003

Op.58 Violin Sonata No.2 (Vn., Piano) 2005

Op.75 Bassoon Sonata 2005

Op.84 Sonata for Horn & Piano 2005

Op.95 Clarinet Sonata No.3 2006

Op.104 Trumpet Sonata 2006

Op.108 Sonata for Flute & Piano 2006

Op.110 Sonata for Viola & Piano 2007

Op.113 Sonata for Cello & Piano 2007

Op.121 Breakfast Suite (Clt. in A, piano) 2007

Op.131 Saxophone Sonata (Eb alto sax, piano) 2009

Op.149 The Rock Mill Variations (Clt & piano) 2011

Op.159 Suite for Guitar 2013

Op.162 Sonata for Treble Recorder and piano (or harpsichord) 2013

Op.172 Cradle Song for Oboe and Piano 2014

Op.180 Incantation for Bass Clarinet and Piano 2014

Op 193 Sonatina (violin and piano) 2015













Solo Voice & Piano or other Instruments

Op.15 Sleep Soft (soprano) 1999

Op.31 Three Epitaphs (baritone) 2002

Op.52 Silver (soprano) 2004

Op.56 The Moth (soprano) 2004

Op.57 The Listeners (soprano) 2004

Op.68 R.I.P. (tenor) 2004

Op.73 Three Drayton Lyrics 2005

Op. 76 The Byrd of Blys (sop., fl., harp, organ) 2005

Op.83 Three Herrick Lyrics 2005

Op.93 Emmonsail's Heath (song cycle) 2005

Op.102 Faery Bird's Song 2006

Op.111 Two Browne Lyrics 2007

Op.120 Clare's Calendar (2 vn, org., sop)

Op.130 Fiddlers Three   2009

Op.132 Breakfast Poem 2009

Op.148 Three Tenor Songs 2011

Op. 158 Shellscape (sop, string quartet) or 158b sop, oboe, piano 2012

Op. 160 Roundels Song cycle sop, harp + optional organ or sop and piano  2013



Op.138 In A Gondola   (Chamber Opera)

Op.191 The Green Children of Woolpit (operetta)