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December 2nd "Concerto Delle Donne" perform The Song of the Nuns of Chester Opus 69, at the Assembly Rooms, Ludlow.

November 16th Second performance of the "Woodland Suite" Opus 62, by the Phoenix Grove Trio, Kelly College.

November 14th Release of Clive Jenkins' C.D. "Twenty Keyboard Pieces by South West Composers", includes "The Green Man" Opus 42.

July 2nd First performance of "Jubilate Deo" Opus 81, Tavistock Parish Church.

June 25th Second performance of "Singing Game" by the Launceston Choral Society.

May 28th First performance of "The Land Where the Bong Tree Grows", Tavistock Sings Festival Chorus, Tavistock Parish Church.

May 24th First performance of "Silver", Caren Friel, Great Hall, Cardiff University.

May 12th First performance of "Singing Game" Opus 64 by the Launceston Choral Society and the Dante String Quartet, Launceston Parish Church.

April 25th First performance of "Woodland Suite" Opus 62 by the Phoenix Grove Trio, St. Michael's Chester Square, London.

February 24th First performance of Clarinet Sonata No.2, Opus 40, Peter Cigleris and Clive Jenkins, Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery.February 23rd First performance of Sonata for Piano Four Hands Opus 43, Helen & Harvey Davies